. Simply put — its a feeling .

When I hold my camera to my face, the world around me goes silent, and from the moment I start my set of images, to the moment I've finished editing them-  I feel excited to share the most subtle feeling, frozen in time! 

To witness a story, capture a moment and share the feeling..... makes me feel like an accomplished artist.

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Love Stories

Love Stories

Where it all started

Marlene Sinclair // JHB, SA

Hello! I just wanted to thank you for including Camaro in your post today. I am deeply heartbroken As He had a career ending injury, and is now retired. He is one of the best horses I’ve ever known. He is My best friend. Thank you for always showing his joy, strength, power, beauty and heart in every photo you took of us.- Marlene Sinclair


-You gave me back some heart yesterday thank you.

Steve Staffin  // Argentina

I see all of your posts....everyone of them remains breathtaking, and those original 10 hang all over my house here in Argentina. People ALWAYS comment on them

Evi Callender-Easby  // JHB, SA

You eternalise our memories! Thank you for that, Hil, even though my friend is living the last years of his life - I have your photos to keep with me everyday. I look at it every day!!


Your photos are poetry. You capture the heart and soul that goes into this sport. THANK YOU!!!!!! -

Mandy Jones // JHB, SA

A beautiful collection of unforgettable memories, Thank you